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Real Person Fiction...

...anyone, any time, any where.

Random Real Person Fiction
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This community is all about real people and real person fiction. We accept gen, het, slash, anything you got on you. So bring it on! ;)

DISCLAIMER: The stories here aren't true. We aren't saying they're true, we're not saying these things happened. We don't know anyone's sexuality and we don't mean any harm. Everything is fiction and for entertainment only. Again, it is FICTION.

Members can:
1) post fanfiction, (all ratings and parings, corssover, whatever you have, we'll be happy to have :-p)
2) post pics (reasonable amounts and about people that the community is familiar with... Of course you can introduce a new person: name and what he/she has been doing in the world of celebrities... =P)
3) gossip! About real people: their work, friends, life in general... Everything!

1) PLAY NICE!! We do not tolerate flaming.
2) be sure to suggest stuff to me (desire_of_mind or mail: superswankblonde@gmail.com)
3) Have fun! That's what this is for, eh? ;)

Please include in your posts the following information (or most of it, anyway):

Fic title:
WARNINGS (if needed):
Author's notes:

LJ cut is your friend, please use it. If you don't know how to do that, check here.

Happy writing!
The friendly founder-moderator: Paris (desire_of_mind)