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FIC: "With kisses from the past", Sean B./ Karl, R, 8/8 (!)

Title: "With kisses from the past"
Author: Osiris Brackhaus (OsirisBrackhaus@aol.com)
Website: Fafnir's Lair: http://www.morningchilde.com
Part: 8/8
Pairing: Sean B/Karl
Rating: R
Feedback: Yes, please!
Warnings: RPS, WWII setting,
Summary: Returning to post-war Germany, US Captain Karl Urban tries to save a friend and one-time lover by standing witness for him at the Nurenberg trials. But things are all but simple, and chances for a happy ending are none in sight...
Credits: To Beryll and Vagabond, who inspired the whole series. To Jim and Mayetra, for their perpetual help.
Author's note: Hooray! This is the single longest fic I have finished so far, and I am rather proud of it. I am planning on adding a tiny smutty sequel, set two years later in Venice, put that's only planning yet. Thanks so much for all your support, and enjoy!

With Kisses from the Past, chapter seven
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